Expanded visual arts festival 

RAYO is a festival that live between the visual and sound fields, and their multiple intersections. RAYO's intention is to provoke and produce audiovisual hybridizations in which artists from different disciplines work together to create a new scenic piece. We believe that when formats are no longer important, the story emerges above the form. Visual artists, filmmakers, vjs, performers, 3D designers… they all work with the visual medium, from different perspectives and tools, always trying to reach the same place: the one where artistic expression manages to express an idea and connect it with the public.

During the RAYO Festival each artist will propose a story that starts from the visual, to reach a more complex, new place, intertwining with the possibilities of sound and the scenic space.

RAYO does not promote formats,
but speeches, it does not intend to make an impact through technique, but to excite through the message. Each artist in this first edition of RAYO comes from a different background: the Italian visual artist Rosa Barba uses the cinematographic medium as a tool to create audiovisual installations; the Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa expands his work towards the scenic space, collaborating with Os Musicos do Tejo to develop the piece As Filhas do Fogo; the Portuguese vj and visual artist Pedro Maia works in 16 millimeters to create a visual context in real time to the electronic experiments of the Berlin musician Robert Lippok; artist Bruce McClure takes the 16-millimeter format to the extreme, using it to create high-intensity audiovisual performances, and the New York-based 3D collective Pussykrew literally scans Berlin-based performer and musician Peaches to create her virtual alter ego in direct on stage.

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ARTISTS RAYO 2019-2021

Albert Serra & Molforts
Lolo & Sosaku
Suso Sáiz & Angelika Markul
Esmeralda Conde Ruiz
Filip Custic & Carlos Gárate
Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas & Ylia
Rosa Barba & Chad Taylor
Pedro Costa & Os musicos   
Bruce McClure       

Peaches & Pussykrew   
Pedro Maia & Robert Lippok
Deneb Martos
Territoire & Mica Levi
Aitor Etxebarría & Hamill Industries
Tarik Barri & Lea Fabrikant
Niño de Elche & Val del Omar
School of Noise