An unique moment to enjoy Arca, Lucrecia Dalt, and Lanoche

Festival PIEL. Matadero Madrid and Mahou present Festival PIEL (SKIN Festival), the first issue of La Plaza en Otoño (the square in the Fall) Curated by Pedro Portellano, the Festival PIEL aims at highlighting the importance of the most primal aspects of sound creation through a group of artists who connect both in the aesthetics of their sound -defined from their own experimentation- as in their sharp emotional depth.

Venezuelan producer Arca will join us in this first edition. It will be his first performance in Madrid, displaying his extreme and captivating stage proposal accompanied by visual artist Carlos Sáez. Along with him, Colombian producer based in Berlin, Lucrecia Dalt, will present her new album Anticlines, where she creates experimental sounds of great abstract beauty. Finally, producer Lanoche from Madrid, will perform livewhere she combines deep houseand atmospheric techno, in a style full of introspection and hedonism.