Exhibition based on the photography collection of CA2M

'Ways to do' collects a selection of photographs, from emerging artists, from the CA2M Collection of the Community of Madrid, such as Andrea Santolaya, Angel de la Rubia, Carolina Silva, Carla Andrade, Endika Basaguren, Fernando Bayona, Francisco Villar, Gerardo Custance, Irene Grau, Ixone Sádaba, Jacobo Castellano, Jorge Satorre, Karmelo Bermejo, Leopold Kessler, Naia del Castillo, Nicolás Combarro, Ricardo Valentim, Sergio Belinchón, Sira Bee and Walead Bes.

Today there is such a combination of practices around photographic creation that, the only way to cover this technique as such, is to accept its broad and expansive character, both in formal and conceptual terms, that is, showing the sum of the different ways of doing of the artists. 
To show this diversity, the selection made for this exhibition has a representative sample of the different approaches that artists make to photography, including from the documentary, of a more classic nature, to 'photocholls', slides, light boxes or techniques of printing on different materials. ‘Ways to do’ thus forms a set of fragmented artistic looks, which inevitably reflect the infinite complexities of contemporary artistic practice.