Curation of the music program of Madrid public arts festival

On Saturday, September 11, the White Night 2010 takes place in Madrid, a great avant-garde cultural event that takes place in the streets of the city center throughout the night, in addition to opening the doors free for visitors in numerous museums, exhibitions and public institutions.

If you have not yet had the chance to attend a White Night in Madrid, it is a great popular party in which locals and visitors to the city occupy the streets throughout the night, attending a large number of cultural activities that are developed in it.

La Noche en Blanco was first held in Paris in 2002, and Madrid joined this European cultural event in 2006.
In the 2010 edition of the White Nights of Europe, together with Madrid the cities of Paris, Brussels, Bucharest, Riga (Latvia), Valletta (Malta) participate and Amsterdam is incorporated for the first time, whose White Night already celebrated it in June.

La Noche en Blanco 2010 in Madrid is celebrated on September 11 from 9 at night to 7 at dawn the following day, with 212 cultural proposals and the participation of 278 entities.

La Noche en Blanco has an official program that is developed by the group of young architects Basurama, which is the curator of the event.

With the collaboration of numerous artists, during the night a series of artistic proposals will be carried out, under the joint motto ¡Hagan Juego !, which will take place in the main streets and squares of Madrid, such as Cibeles, Gran Vía, Plaza de Oriente, Colón, Plaza de España and Parque del Retiro.
But likewise, in the 201st White Night 165 activities take place that make up what is called the Open Program. Thus, for example, the most important museums in Madrid open their doors for free and carry out a series of activities and visits to their exhibitions during the White Night.

The activities of the White Night 2010 extend to new districts and places in Madrid, such as the Crystal Gallery of the Palacio de Comunicaciones in Cibeles and the Madrid Río space.

You can download the complete program of the 2010 White Night in Madrid, and on the official website of this cultural event, as well as the details of the events that are held within the Curatorial Program, as well as the Open Program, with the places and artists who participate.

You can also see the plan of the White Night 2010 with the places where the different events are held, and also download the plan in pdf format.

If you are interested in attending the White Night 2010, just remind you that it is a night in which hundreds of thousands of people occupy the streets of the center of Madrid, and that if you are interested in attending a specific event, or take advantage of visit any of the museums or exhibitions that open their doors, it is advisable to inform yourself in advance of visiting hours and limits.