Music program of the Red Bull music hub in Madrid

Nave 15 was restored for the Red Bull Music Academy in 2011 and after its completion in 2012 it was baptized as the Nave de Música, a space managed in collaboration with Red Bull and which hosts a large part of the center's musical programming. With a radio studio, a professional recording studio, a small concert stage, nine rehearsal rooms and other facilities, the Nave de Música is a true musical village.
This space hosts presentations and collaborations with several of the main music events held in Spain.

Another of the highlights of the space is the public call through which emerging musicians and artists can rent several of the studios for rehearsal and experimentation.
The residences for musicians have been designed to stimulate the creation, production and innovation among musicians of the local scene and facilitate the development of musical projects through the free transfer of the resources available to the Matadero Madrid Music Warehouse and through support in the dissemination of their work.

This space of more than 4,000 m2 is probably the best example in Madrid of this new architecture that works from recycling and the existing, with limited resources but with an exquisite minimum for detail. The authors are the young architects Langarita and Navarro, in collaboration with the Mexican designer Jerónimo Hagerman. In addition, the nave houses in its walls the works of young emerging artists living in Madrid.